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Gardeners usually face the problem of guessing which fertilizer to use in their gardens on certain plants, shrubs and lawns. More often then not, the wrong composition of fertilizer gets used with subsequent poor results. The reason for this is simple; different plants need different micro – macro elements at different growth stages.

Seedlings and transplanted plants need good root growth and development – the essential element for this function being phosphate (P). Flowering and fruiting plants need high levels of Potassium (K) to optimize the quality of flowers and fruits / vegetables. Lush green foliage is dependant on adequate levels of magnesium (mg). The secret to a good-looking lawn is a reasonably high level of nitrogen (N) together with the right ratio of P and K.

In addition, many of the larger growers whom currently use our products have requested that

we make this professional range available to the home and garden market – for resale in garden centers.

NutriAg has taken the guesswork out of gardening by introducing the FertiCare and SupaFeed Range of water-soluble fertilizers for commercial and retail use.

These ranges are the ultimate in fertilizer care for your plants. Our R&D chemists have created unique “3-in-1” specialty garden fertilizers. These unique fertilizers contain NPK (macro nutrients), chelated Micro Nutrients (Boron, copper, Iron, zinc, Manganese and Molybdenum. Micro Nutrients are necessary for balanced plant growth) and a high percentage of Soluble Seaweed. These high nutrient levels and seaweed allow for better plant nutrition and growth.