About Us / Our History

The company owes its origins to the early 1960's where it was founded by Dr. Jonah Fisher, a world-renowned agronomist.

NutriAg Ltd. supplies nutrient products and agricultural adjuvants under our patents, trademarks and/or private label to distributors and dealers in Canada, USA, and Central America as well as several countries worldwide.

NutriAg Ltd. remains committed to supply agricultural distributors worldwide with cutting

edge, highest quality agricultural chemicals and nutrients at competitive prices. NutriAg's commitment is continued in its dedication to research, development, manufacture and marketing of state-of-the-art crop nutrients, bio-fertilizers, bio-pesticides and spray adjuvants in a safe, environmentally friendly and cost effective manner.  





In 1993 NutriAg Ltd. was established in Toronto, Canada to expand and develop the American markets

state-of-the-art manufacturing


A multifunctional state-of-the-art manufacturing facility was set up in January 1999 in Toronto, to manufacture various plant nutrients (micros)(liquid & crystalline products), as well as various spray adjuvants

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In May 2010 NutriAg USA was established to facilitate the expansion into the USA market: California, the Pacific Northwest, Michigan and other states



In 2012, a second plant was established in Toronto for repacking and storage of the NutriAg products

A fully equipped, 2000 sq. ft. greenhouse was built for R & D testing and trials in Toronto

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In 2013, NutriAg USA establishes a manufacturing facility in California

A state-of-the-art biological laboratory is constructed in Toronto