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True solutions with PolyAldoCarbosate (PAC) Super-complex technology

NutriAg uses Polyaldocarbosate® (PAC™) Technology in their Max™ Line of foliar fertilizers.  Specially formulated carbohydrates create highly efficient and completely safe chelated nutrients. This chelation process is the key to PAC foliar fertilization efficiency. Max...
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Matrix Ortho-Deprotonation (MOD) micronutrient sequestering technology

A high phosphate liquid fertilizer with magnesium, calcium, zinc and other micronutrients in a unique sequestered (complexed) form. The combination of these elements (e.g. phosphorus and magnesium) are essential in the production of ATP from ADP and the creation of carbohydrates by the plant....
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Plant Activators

PAC (Polyaldocarbosate) carbohydrate technology provides superior nutrient absorption and translocation

Benefits Formulated to alleviate biotic stress (such as fungal or bacteria) abiotic stresses (such as cold or drought) and other stresses Based on PAC (polyaldocarbosate) carbohydrate technology; an excellent natural mechanism for the uptake and absorption of specially selected...
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Organic Lite (California Only)

For Organic Production

Our Organic Lite™ line offers compliant sources of nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients for general use and/or targeted deficiencies. Our Organic Lite™ line must be used according to label directions on crops or soil with a documented nutrient deficiency The Benefits of...
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