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Organic Lite (California Only)

For Organic Production

Our Organic Lite™ line offers compliant sources of nitrogen, potassium, and micronutrients for general use and/or targeted deficiencies. Our Organic Lite™ line must be used according to label directions on crops or soil with a documented nutrient deficiency

The Benefits of NutriAg’s Organic Lite™ Line   

  • Uses a specially formulated, unmodified plant derived carbohydrate technology to complex macro and micronutrients.  
  • The technology in the Organic Lite™ line increases the effectiveness of the foliar fertilizer by improving uptake and utilization of the foliar applied nutrients.
  • The natural plant derived carbohydrates in the Organic Lite™ Line can act as an energy source and aid in the alleviation of biotic and abiotic stress to improve yield and crop quality.
  • Compatible with most fertilizers and agrochemicals
  • Safety