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A liquid ammonia sulphate water conditioning agent for glyphosate herbicides

Poor water quality (hardness, high pH) can make your herbicide less effective. Calcium, sodium and carbonate are three hard-water salts which adversely affect herbicidal performance, particularly in glyphosate herbicides.

LAS's ammonium sulphate formula addresses this problem by:

  • Linking with calcium in the water to form calcium sulphate, which precipitates and makes this salt inactive
  • Altering the protein structure in the cell wall, rendering it more permeable
  • Helping to precipitate colloids (suspended clay molecules of soil and soil particles) which absorb glyphosate, rendering it inactive

Advantages of LAS

  • Reduces antagonism of glyphosate and sulphosate in hard water
  • Improves efficacy of herbicides
  • Compatible with most spray mixtures

Methods of Application

LAS can be applied either by ground rig or back sprayer and is also suitable for aerial spraying.