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A liquid manganese and boron super-complex derived from plant carbohydrates (contains 5.5% manganese + 0.45% boron)

Role of Manganese in the Plant:

  • Essential as an enzyme activator
  • Controls supply of auxins and other growth regulators
  • Influences uptake and assimilation of other nutrients
  • Involved in synthesis of lignin which is important in disease resistance
  • Involved in oxygen processes in photosynthesis

Signs of Manganese Deficiency:

  • Interveinal chlorosis evident on mature foliage, followed by chlorosis of young foliage
  • Wilted foliage
  • Limed soils more likely to be manganese deficient
  • High organic matter soils tie up manganese
  • Mineral soils with a pH of 6.5 or greater tie up manganese
  • Muck soils over pH 5.5 tie up manganese

Advantages of MangaMax

  • Liquid formulation is easy to mix and easy to use
  • Rapid penetration and good absorption
  • Contains no nitrogen, sulphates or chlorides
  • Compatible with a wide range of pesticides
  • Safe - good crop tolerance
  • No harmful residues
  • Cost effective

Methods of Application

MangaMax can be applied as a foliar treatment in a regular spray program or as a corrective spray. It is suitable for ground or aerial spraying.