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Quick Defoamer

Problems associated with foaming in agricultural tank mixes

  • Increases the amount of time required to mix agricultural chemicals
  • Reduces spray tank capacity
  • Increases worker exposure to the chemicals
  • May decrease performance due to improper mixing and tank mixture inconsistencies

How does Quick Defoamer work?

Quick Defoamer contains a silicone emulsifier with ideal properties for reducing foam:

  • Very low surface tension
  • Low adhesion forces between physical phases (solid, liquid, gas)

These properties allow the Quick Defoamer to spread over the foam, resulting in wall collapse and reduction of foam.

Advantages of using Quick Defoamer

  • Reduces time required to mix chemicals and increases tank capacity
  • Both prevents and eliminates foam formation
  • Long-lasting – continues to perform over long periods of time
  • Compatible – can be used with a wide variety of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Safe – helps to protect workers, and reduces risk to the plants and the environment
  • Concentrated – the 30% silicone concentrated solution ensures that only a little Quick Defoamer is required
  • Cost-effective – reduction of foam allows for the full efficacy of pesticides/fertilizers to be realized

Methods of Application

  • Ideally used in sprayers where a high level of agitation is achieved
  • Can be applied to the spray tank when foaming becomes a problem
  • Compatible with many agricultural products under a wide variety of conditions