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To maintain our leadership in Carbohydrate AgriScience Technology through innovation and sound scientific methods. Providing excellent technical support through scientific expertise and product training. Continuous scientific research bringing new ideas to new projects and product development.

The NutriAg Research and Development Team are widely regarded as the centre of carbohydrate expertise with chemists and plant physiologists dedicated to the research and development of various carbohydrates with respect to optimum nutrient uptake and plant growth. As a result of this research some unique products are offered: the carbohydrate based chelated micronutrients (Max Line), carbohydrate-based plant activators (Phyto Line), carbohydrate- based spray adjuvants (Biowet) and soil conditioners (Smart Soil). The carbohydrates selected for use in these products all originate from ingredients of plant origin, and not from synthetic sources. The selection of these carbohydrates is critical to enable the plant to metabolize the nutrient. With the plant activators, the carbohydrate selected will enhance certain metabolic pathways within the plant.

Some of our R & D team:

Chief Scientific Officer

Kelly Tanaka, Ph.D.

Direct: +1 (416) 572-1967

Mobile: +1 (416) 274-3462

Director of Technical Support & Development

Tom Bajorek, Ph.D.

Direct: +1 (416) 572-1966

Mobile: +1 (416) 277-4698

Chief Agronomist

Sebastian Margarit, M.Sc Agr., P.Ag., CCA

Mobile: +1 (902) 890-2067

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